Yapalong is a Canadian communications company that specializes in manufacturing cost-efficient but powerful full-duplex radio communications systems allowing for seamless conversation between multiple users at once.

In 2007, newly developed technology allowed us to do away with both the concept of a base station or master unit, giving our products a unique advantage to the competition. Originally, the design purpose was made to benefit sailors of yachts and similar vessels to facilitate communication without the use of hands. However, these radios proved themselves to be effective in many other industries, including sports, filming, events, construction, security and more.

Our radios can be found across the globe, serving clients on every continent short of Antarctica! We develop our radios in accordance with the varying international standards and continually work to ensure we meet these criteria for our end-users. Part of our ongoing commitment has resulted in us being listed by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) as an inspected communication provider in Switzerland, as well as certification of approval from TASO (Texas Association of Sports Officials) in the United States.

Several generations of Yapalong have seen success on the market. Yapalong-5000 and Yapalong-4000 our are current models, giving you an option of state-of-the-art and cost-efficiency, with no loss in quality. New developments and improvements to our technology continue to build upon the previous generations, with each new version boasting improved range, performance and durability. Our philosophy is to keep things simple and sophisticated. We also continue to focus on being user-friendly! Not only for our radios, but for your own professional needs, we can tackle any challenge and are ready to meet the needs of our clients.

We will continue to provide exceptional service and technology at an affordable price well into 2020 and beyond! Be sure to check out our social media pages, blog posts and newsletter to keep up to date all things related to our company.

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