AXIWI7 axiwiAXIWI7 axiwi
axiwi at 320 bedieningaxiwi at 320 bediening
axiwi headset ea-002-220×161axiwi headset ea-002-220×161
wireless intercom communication Waiter restaurant-007 .. .. …wireless intercom communication Waiter restaurant-007 .. .. …
restaurant waiters headsetrestaurant waiters headset
kp bluecom axiwi system in sportkp bluecom axiwi system in sport
Communicatie systeem-scheidsrechter sport AXIWICommunicatie systeem-scheidsrechter sport AXIWI
AXIWI headset mic in sportAXIWI headset mic in sport
20100610_01_03 AXIWI EARTEC BLUCOM20100610_01_03 AXIWI EARTEC BLUCOM

AXIWI Model: AT 320M Long Distance Duplex Communication System up to 5 Users.

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The AXIWI duplex communication system is a full duplex (bi-directional) 2 way communication system. Three people can simultaneously communicate with each other, just as in a phone call. With the new version of the AXIWI AT-320 it is even possible to communicate up to 5 persons simultaneously.
The AXIWI communicationsystem is completely hands-free to use. The communication system features 4 channels and each channel can max. 250 people use the system. In addition, the system features a clothing clip and safety lanyard.
Usage application
  • 1 tour guide with up to 250 followers, 2 of which in turn in contact with the tour guide
  • 2 tour guides both leading a group
  • 2 tour guides both leading a group and 1 participant (1 at a time) can conversate with both leaders. All particpant wil hear the total coversation
  • 3 tour guides all 3 leading a group
  • More configurations are possible. See also our application list.
Product specifications
• Frequency 2,402 – 2,483 Ghz
• Reach inside 30-50 meter*
• Reach outside 80-120 meter*
• Dimension 65x32x22 mm
• Weight 39 gram (incl. battery)
• Headset connection 3,5 mm
• Recharge time 2 hours
• Usage “Master” ca. 8 hours
• Usage “Slave” (follower) ca. 12 hours
Each unit can be used and set as Master or as Follower.


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