AXIWI7 axiwiAXIWI7 axiwi
axiwi begetube factory tour communication speechaxiwi begetube factory tour communication speech
AXIWI CR-002 communicatie set 10 AXIWI-AT-320 unitsAXIWI CR-002 communicatie set 10 AXIWI-AT-320 units
axiwi demonstrationaxiwi demonstration
Communicatie systeem AXIWI multi applicationsCommunicatie systeem AXIWI multi applications
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wireless intercom communication Waiter restaurant-007 .. .. …wireless intercom communication Waiter restaurant-007 .. .. …
20100610_01_03 AXIWI EARTEC BLUCOM20100610_01_03 AXIWI EARTEC BLUCOM
kp bluecom axiwi system in sportkp bluecom axiwi system in sport
AXIWI headset mic in sportAXIWI headset mic in sport
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AXIWI Model: AT-320M Wireless Communication

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The AXIWI Model: AT-320 / 3 Wireless communication . 150/100m rang
axiwi-communication-system-sport-at320-ld 20100610_01_03 AXIWI EARTEC BLUCOM
axiwi in sport stacks-image-4B58422 (2) kp bluecom axiwi system in sport
 Communication system Plant tour, Referees, Cyclist, Equestrian, Restaurant, Hotel, etc….
With the Axitour plant tour communication system; communication in a factory environment will be made easy. In a factory environment communication can be a big challenge. Due to all the environmental noises it is not always possible to have good and effective communication between two or more people. The AXIWI plant tour communication system allows you to communicate easily and effectively and opens up possibilities for creative ways of communication that can help actual factory processes to become smoother. When providing a plant tour to important clients with the AXIWI plant tour communication system it becomes easy to ask a question of the guide or presenter and get answers.
‘The only thing we regret.. is that we didn’t bought the AXIWI communication system earlier’
Examples of usage applications
Example 1 – Plant tour with an engineer, sales representative and potential customers
Answering questions of potential new customers can be difficult while providing a plant tour in a noisy environment. If it is difficult to answer a question the customer may decide to not ask follow up questions, that would have allowed to come to the heart of what the customer was perhaps really interested in. It can mean the difference between winning and losing out on a particular sales opportunity. With AXIWI both the engineer and the sales representative can talk simultaneously, up to three people can talk at one time which means that there is a free position for a customer to ask questions or talk with the engineer and sales representative. The AXIWI unit worn by customers will be by default in receiver mode, but when a question arises all they need to do is press the “S” button on their AXIWI unit which enable the units transmission mode and allows the customer to ask his or her question. Everybody in the group will hear the question and the answers provided. The sound of the AXIWI will be easily heard and back ground noise, though still present, will not interfere with a conversation to the level that it is impossible to easily converse with each other. With the AXIWI plant tour communication system you will put your customer at the centre of attention!
Example 2 – Machine instructions by a translator
When there is a situation where the operation of a machine needs to be explained to people that do not speak the language of the instructor or trainer, the AXIWI plant tour communication system is be a valuable tool. The instructor, an interpreter and the trainees are all provided with an AXIWI unit and headset. The interpreter will provide the trainees with the translation, and the trainees can ask via the AXIWI questions of the interpreter, who then asks the instructor to explain. The AXIWI is wireless so it is easy to do the training near or around the machine.
Example 3 – Using AXIWI during maintenance work
Two mechanics work independently on opposite sides of a big machine and are not able to see each other. In addition they need to use both their hands to carry out the required work. During the works they need to work in a coordinated manner and work needs to happen simultaneously. With the AXIWI plant tour communication system they will be able to have a permanent wireless and hands free connection allowing them to talk with each other while and coordinate the work that needs to be carried out.
Usage applicationThe set with 10 AXIWI units is ideal for guiding in the following situations:
  • 1 guide with 9 followers
  • 2 guides with 4 followers
  • 2 guides with 8 followers
Content Suitcase
  • 10 AXIWI AT-320 units
  • 1 charging base for 10 units
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 AXIWI HE-001 headset for the tour guide
  • 9 AXIWI EA-003 earphones
  • 1 mini user manual
Product specifications
  • Complete travel weight: 2.65 kg
  • Dimension (LxBxH): 23x 21 x 13.5 cm