Eartec ComPAK ComCenter and Cyber Headset SystemEartec ComPAK ComCenter and Cyber Headset System
cyber double eartec headsetcyber double eartec headset
eartech belt pack compakultraliteaeartech belt pack compakultralitea

Eartec Model: ComPAK ComCenter and Cyber Headset System

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  • Description
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  • Cyber Headset x1
  • ComPAK Beltpack x1
  • 1900 MHz Operation
  • Com-Center Interface Module
  • Full Duplex Wireless Communication
  • Beltpack Level Control & Battery Power
  • Form Fitting Lightweight Headset
  • From Eartec, this ComPAK, Com-Center and Cyber Headset System is an ideal package solution establishing wireless, full-duplex communication for staff members, production applications, stage hands and more. The system consists of a single Com-Center wireless interface module which supports up to 8 headsets, and 1 Cyber CS lightweight headsets with 1 ComPAK beltpacks. The system provides reliable wireless, full-duplex communication for up to 8 users at up to 400 yards. The Cyber headsets are form fitting for maximum comfort during long-term usage, and the ComPAK beltpacks feature volume control and battery compartment.
    The package also includes a Multiport charger with AC adapter, two rechargeable lithium batteries, and a carry case.
    Outstanding Range
    Full duplex communication up to 400 yards in any direction from the Com-Center
    Dual Channel with Conferencing
    2 groups of 8 users communicate separately or all together in conference mode
    Start small, then add field programmable headsets, up to 8 total
2.4GHz Full duplex wireless voice intercom, this devise is a not a walki talki or radio transceiver no it is a portable intercom that provide full voice conference solution between a group of people, all party can talk and lessen at the same time - like as if all sitting in one room - this short range wireless voice communication terminal technology supports group of full duplex calls up to max. 12 units / persons at the same time, Crystal clear sound, for outdoor and indoor use. Distance between two units 30m up to 700m.
·         This offer is only for one unit you need min. two units to start the system including XT Comstar Base Sattion
What is the difference between wireless intercom and walki talki (radio)?
Walki Talki radios, when some wants to talk everyone else can only lessen no one can talk until that person stops, but in wireless intercom everybody can talk and lessen at the same time without pressing any buttons hand free.
Waki talki required official permission to use in public area, wireless intercom need no permission because it is using 2.4GHz technology same as cordless phone at home.
In addition wireless intercom can be connected through Bluetooth with your mobile phone so you can receive incoming calls. 
- Supports two way wireless voice communication
- Guarantees perfect portability
- B-CDMA wireless connection technology
- Two way voice call between terminals up to 700m
- Noise reduction technology
- Water tight & heavy duty structure
- Helmet friendly
- Belt clip holder
- Low battery alert
Brodcast, Indoor Outdoor Recording,
Restaurants, coffee shops, Hotels, museum
Event management, Valet parking,
 Oil & Gas,
Civil Defense
Construction site, Security guard,
Language labs,
University labs,
Coaches and leaders of various sports.
Packaging Info
Package Weight
0.4 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
Eartec ComPAK Com-Center and Cyber Headset System (1 Piece)