Network On-demand Terminal Player (M-6182 series)


Product ID: M-6402
Network On-demand Terminal Player (M-6182 series)


Product ID: M-6402
Network On-demand Terminal Player (M-6182 series)
  • Description
  • This terminal should work together with M-6401 network terminal or M-6463 network speaker
    ◆ 3.2” touch screen control, TFT true color display
    ◆ Can choose and play main unit audio sources
    ◆ Can receive main unit broadcasting & emergency broadcasting
    ◆ Can receive main unit forcing paging and telephone paging, or page other zones from this terminal
    ◆ Screen self-protection function, auto power saving

    ◆ No extra power supply need, system provide power through data transmission


Technical Parameter

Product ID: M-6182II
1000 Zone Network Public Address System Control Center
  • 17″ large color LCD display, touch screen and touch-pad
  • Support upto 1000 zones, any zone, any time and any audio soure play programmable
  • Zone paging avaiable from the main center and external paging terminal
  • Audio input channels extensible by network paging terminals
  • Build-in CD player and mass storeage for user choosing sound source
  • LAN installation, no need extra wiring
Network Terminal Player (M-6182 series)
Product ID: M-6401
Network Terminal Player (M-6182 series)
  • Build-in 2*25W digital amplifier
  • 1 AUX input, 1 MIC input, 1 AUX output
  • Local MIC input with mute function
  • 4 LED indicate machine working status
  • 8 push buttons for daily normal operation
  • Can connect to M6402 broadcast control panel, achieve playing main unit programs freely
Remote Control Network Speaker (M-6182 series)
Product ID: M-6463
Remote Control Network Speaker (M-6182 series)
  • 100/10Mbps, TCP/IP network transmission protocol adaptive
  • Built-in 2x25W high efficiency digital amplifier
  • Built-in 4Ω 25W Hi-Fi speakers
  • 1 AUX audio input, 1 AUX audio output and 1 MIC input


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