WM-5000F3 Offline 3G RFID GPS Guard Tour System with Voice Call

  • GPS RFID Real Time Guard Tour System
  • GPS+RFID, it can work at different places. No matter in the buildings or open outdoors
  • Not Only GPS Position, But Also GPS Tracking
  • Track patrol tracks of patrol employees in real time and support playback.


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GPS Online Guard Tour, a New Era of Patrolling

GPS multi-function reader makes everything safe.

Really Practical Function

Multi-function guard tour system, to provide you with the greatest convenience.


You Are the Witness

Accidents, equipment damage, talk in pictures 5-megapixel restore scene.

Three Methods of Patrolling Mode

Fixed GPS location, track, Tag reading, there is always a suit way for you.



Make a Call?  No Problem!

Fixed 10 sets of telephone,Report the scene situation in time.

Guide Your Work

The unique site navigation function, high efficiency work guidance. Just set a plan in the software, the device will tell the security guard the next place need to be patrolled.


Everything Is Designed to Be Strong

Quality is the highest standard to inspect products.


Man-Down Function/SOS

The security of every security guard is particularly important, attacks, injured, the first time to the console for help.




JWM Guard Tour System JWM has been engaged in guard tour system area since 2001. We produce the guard tour system, GPS checking system and RFID guard monitoring system for customers all over the world. Export abroad for 20 years: users all over the world 116 countries, solved security management problems for 300,000+ global users. Product diversification: to meet your different project customization demand, and provide you with the most suitable way of patrolling. Professional team: R&D, production, sales, after-sales, each team for customers to provide better service for the mission. Professional certification: 89 professional certifications, 117 innovation, quality assurance, let the patrolling become no longer ordinary.

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