25W Wireless Column Speaker


Product ID: WEP6026
25W Wireless Column Speaker





Product ID: WEP6026
25W Wireless Column Speaker
25W Wireless Column Speaker


◆ Connect solar batteries/ wind power generator/ power supply adaper etc.;
◆ Integrate solar full-auto charge controller and big capacity batteries;
◆ High sensitive speaker drivers;
◆ Built-in 25W high efficiency digital amplier, high sensitive wireless receiver;
◆ Low-electricity batteries alarm indicator;
◆ Full-auto stable switch, automatically following the host’s emission frequency;
◆ Elegant sound quality, big area outdoor auto-controlled speakers;
◆ All-weather speakers, waterproof and dampproof design;
◆ Easy installation.

  • Speaker installation


Technical Parameter

  • Parameters:
 FM receiving
 Receiving Frequency Range
 Frequency Response
 Receive sensitivity
 Data demodulation
 Power and communication
 Rated power
 Freq. response
 Audio Frequency Distortion
 Communication method
 Rated power
 Effective frequency range
 140Hz ~ 14kHz
 Stand-by consumption
 Full load consumption
 Voltage and frequency
Wireless PA System Multi-functional Host
Product ID: PA-7005
Wireless PA System Multi-functional Host
  • Integrated with timer, MP3 player, FM tuner, data coding modulator, monitoring speaker, alarm, and microphone
  • Frequency agility controlled by microcomputer, frequency memory and storage, real-time display all the functional perations on the screen
  • Timing play function, it is able to preset the daily playing timing point and program, then the system will broadcast automatically without manual operation
15/25/50/100/150/300W Wireless Transmitter
Product ID: WEP-9115T/WEP-9125T/WEP-9150T/WEP-9110T/WEP-9250T/WEP-9300T
15/25/50/100/150/300W Wireless Transmitter
  • High-definition stereo output, long distance transmission
  • Transmission power adjustable, applied for different transmission distance
  • Control up to 1000 zones through control host (PA-7005)
10W/20W Wireless Solar Speaker
Product ID: WEP2364/WEP2365
10W/20W Wireless Solar Speaker
  • Built-in 10W/20W high efficiency digital amplier, high sensitive wireless receiver
  • Support solar power supply/charging, build-in big capacity power storage battery
  • Auto power on/off with transmitter (WEP9115T series)


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