WinDownload Software


WinDownload Software

  • Software allows you to download data from the PES or Datachip and send them automaticly to the main database.
    Each licence is generated for the specific adapter number.


About WinKontrol Software

WinKontrol is user-friendly software for an easy and comfortable use of the Guard tour system PES®. It can be operated under the Windows XP and latest.

The WinKontrol® program represents the centre of evaluation and processing of the data downloaded from the PES® Guard Tour Readers. It is a great tool for the supervisors providing them complex information of how the employees perform their duties.

winkontrol_screenshotThe program enables to set up the names and identification of the employees, the checkpoints and events. You can define different routes – sets of checkpoints in certain order – and also the shifts. There is a variety of routes available: routes with missing checkpoints, routes with extra checkpoints added, routes with a strictly defined direction or routes with a random order of checkpoints.

The main role of the WinKontrol® software is the professional report generation. There are more than twenty reports offered to the user, ranging from simple tour information to individual employee reports: report for a sensor/group of sensors; report for an employee/group of employees; report for a checkpoint; report for a tour and many others…

The users can also define and modify the preset reports according to their individual needs.

The reports can be printed or exported to the html or csv format.

An important role of the WinKontrol® 2007 is the “communication” with the TMD adapter, the data chip and the raeder. Using the program you can upgrade the firmware of the adapter and the PES® sensor as well.

guardsThe WinKontrol® 2007 supports also the Attendance solutions. Thanks to this function the PES® Guard tour system can be used in an even wider range of applications. It is suitable especially for mobile facilities. The employees carry a key ring for identification. At each of the location (bus, lift etc.) there is a checkpoint for the arrival and a checkpoint for the departure of the employees. The PES® sensor represents a mobile gate that registers the arrival and departure of the employees.

The WinKontrol® software can be operated in network (shared database). It is supplied in many translations and we are ready to add a new translation according to our clients´ needs. The users will certainly appreciate great possibilities of setting and automatic upgrade from the website.

routeLicense STANDARD – The program allows complete work with data and chips. However the capacity of databases and so the number of the employees, checkpoints etc. is limited. License does not allow to set separate passwords to individual users, the program cannot work as server in network.
License PROFESSIONAL – offers unlimited capacity of databases, setting of individual passwords, network operation and also some added functions.

You can find current software and drivers for Guard Tour Patrol System PES here.



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