iButton Checkpoint


iButton Checkpoint

ll identify at what point of his tour and at what time the event was noticed and recorded. Providing the guard´s tour is precisely defined, the location of the incident is easily identified.



iButton Checkpoint


We use MAXIM/DALLAS iButton chips DS 1990A-F5. Each chip contains a unique code installed in the production process, which is then used as the identification of each checkpoint. The chip can be mounted on the wall in different kinds of holders. We are offering the following solutions of the wall mounting:

ll identify at what point of his tour and at what time the event was noticed and recorded. Providing the guard´s tour is precisely defined, the location of the incident is easily identified.


Guard Tour System PES


Every Guard Tour PES® reader has a unique serial number and thanks to this number it can be easily identified by evaluation software. Also every iButton chip has its unique identification number. The chips can be used for the identification of a person or the identification of a place or an object.

Touching an iButton chip, the sensor reads the identification number of the chip and it also records the information about the time and date of the touch, it serves as a data collector. In addition, all the PES® Guard Tour Readers are equipped with the unique ANTI-VANDAL® Technology, which protects them against possible damage.

The data from the sensor are then downloaded to a PC to evaluation software (e.g. WinKontrol 2007). The data transfer can be done in two different ways:

  1. Directly – placing the sensor into the TMD USB download adapter
  2. Indirectly – all data from the sensor are downloaded to a data chip held by a supervisor. Then the data will be transferred from the data chip through the USB adapter to the PC.

The evaluation Guard Tour software represents a useful tool for analysing the collected data and generating different kinds of reports.

The ANTI-VANDAL® Technology

The ANTI-VANDAL® Technology is a clever self-protection system that has been invented for the PES® Guard Tour Readers to equip them with higher anti-sabotage protection.


The system excels by extreme resistance against various kinds of intentional and unintentional damage, which can be detected and recorded. Thanks to this technology the consequences of attempts to destroy the sensors are minimized.

It can detect short-circuit, 3 levels of hit intensity. It can distinguish between a small hit (when the sensor just falls down) and an attempt to destroy the sensor. It monitors external overvoltage and its polarity. It can detect the attempt to destroy the sensor in a microwave oven.

Recorded “ANTI-VANDAL® events” are (together with other data from the sensor) downloaded to computer to WinKontrol software, analysed and reported in the Report of ANTI-VANDAL events.

The ANTI-VANDAL® Technology enables to take important precautions against possible damage of a reader or data loss in advance.

Most important types of detection and protection:


  • Waterproof resistance
  • Resistance against high temperatures and big changes of temperatures
  • Detects 3 levels of hit intensity: small, medium and strong hit. The sensor is able to resist the overloading up to 10 G.
  • Detects an att empt to damage the sensor by over-voltage. The sensor is able to endure over-voltage up to 265 V.
  • Intentional short circuit. It is able to identify the endeavour to discharge the battery by short-circuiting the sensor probe. After such attempt the sensor stays undamaged and the battery life is not reduced.
  • Resistance against the microwave radiation. The system can even detect that the sensors were placed into a microwave oven.



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